TCES Technology

Transcutaneous Cranial Electrical Stimulation (TCES) is the process of applying a low-frequency envelope containing high-frequency balanced current pulses to the head through three electrodes. The transcutaneous cranial electrical stimulator (TCES) is aimed to act at the level of the central nervous system. The unique characteristics of the Limoge Current (LC) facilitate the penetration of electrical fields into brain tissue. The main property of the Limoge TCES device is to potentiate some drug effects, especially opiates and to alleviate opiate withdrawal syndrome (OWS). Past studies have shown that there have been several attempts to utilize electrical circuits and electrical stimulation in clinical situations. Many of these studies had somewhat successful results in achieving anesthesia in animals and humans. However, since there was little ability to control the electrical circuits at the time, often the patients experienced the unpleasant effects of electrical shock, electrode burns, and even death which precluded general acceptance.

During Early animal experimentation, Dr. Aimé Limoge noticed that numerous electric currents could be used to induce anesthesia. He demonstrated that some wave shapes, frequencies and duration of current, were more satisfactory than others. From these studies he created the “Limoge Current” which consisted of a low frequency envelope containing high-frequency balanced (zero net charge) pulses. This permitted the increase of current intensity with no reduction of tissue connectivity normally associated with low-frequency currents.

What are some of the advantages of using the Limoge TCES?

  • The Limoge TCES is the only treatment that offers the possibility of opioid addiction recovery without substitute opioids.
  • The Limoge TCES is not addictive and cannot be abused.
  • It is safe and atoxic.
  • It is a fixed-cost treatment option that is 2 to 4 times less costly than other treatment options.
  • It is a full spectrum treatment option that can stand alone or be used with a pharmaceutical complement.

Did You Know?

Dr. Aime Limoge created an increased intensity current that was void of the unpleasant effects of electrical shock and with no reduction of tissue connectivity.

The Results

Greater success with little or no discomfort for the patients.