About FutraMed

THE MISSION of FutraMed is to create solutions for all individuals suffering from pain, substance abuse, and other physical and behavioral limitations.The Limoge treatment is effective and has been used in over 30,000 applications without side effects. The Limoge TCES allows patients to

  • be free from addiction
  • lower dosages of opioids
  • have side-effect free treatment
  • reduce anxiety and facilitate sleep
  • receive cost conscious and convenient treatment

The Limoge TCES device is a cutting edge technology that brings a new solution into the areas of both chronic pain and opioid addiction treatment. Chronic Pain affects more Americans than diabetes, heart disease and cancer combined. Prescription of opioid pain killers is one of the main treatments for chronic pain and has increased 400% since 1999.


Drug overdose deaths are now the leading cause of death from injury, with half of these deaths linked to prescription opioids (22,000 per year). Chronic pain and opioid abuse are interrelated with some estimates claiming as high as 20-24% prevalence in patients.


Studies have shown that TCES use during pain management allows physicians to reduce doses of opioid drugs which lowers risk of addiction and the negative side effects associated with higher doses of opiate medication. Limoge TCES Prototypes have successfully treated over 500 chronic pain patients since 2013 at selected Pain Treatment Clinics in France.


Positive feedback from clinicians in France and the USA have further validated the urgent need to commercialize the Limoge TCES.


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