When someone you love is suffering
where can you turn?

Following is a study for the treatment of withdrawal symptoms from drug addiction using TCES.

This is a message of hope and inspiration for everyone involved in the treatment of opiate addiction.

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Limoge TCES

TO STABILIZE, REDUCE, OR REPLACE DOSAGES OF OPIOIDS  used to treat patients suffering with pain; and reduce the symptoms of patients experiencing Opiate Withdrawal Syndrome (OWS).

FutraMed Inc. was founded in the state of Utah in the United States to create and apply technology to provide affordable solutions for all individuals suffering from pain, substance abuse, and other physical and behavioral limitations..

With the consumption of painkillers soaring in the United States and throughout the world, FutraMed has developed a patented medical device that has clinical benefits which include reducing opioid consumption and dependence in the treatment of pain.

The technology for the device, a transcutaneous electrical cranial stimulator, is based on the work of Dr. Aimé Limoge of Paris, France and the Limoge Current which he developed. The Limoge Current creates an analgesic effect and potentiates or enhances the treatment drug being used by the chronic pain patient. In collaboration with Dr. Limoge and his associates, the FutraMed team was able to effectively replicate the Limoge Current and create a device that is simple to use, low cost, battery powered, meets regulatory requirements, and is easy to manufacture.

CE Mark Certification granted in 2020 which allows for the commercialization of the TCES Device across the European Union and other CE Mark geographies.

U.S. Patent Approved

Not yet authorized for sale in the USA